Our Destinations

Wards Island

Ward's Island is on the east side of the islands. The Toronto Island community is at the eastern end of the Toronto Island Park. People live on Ward's and Algonquin Islands. There are 262 homes and roughly 650 people who live on the Island.

Centre Island

The most popular among all the islands is Centre Island. Located in between Hanlan’s and Ward’s Island. Due to its popularity most methods of transportation have long wait-times to get to Centre Island. However, The Pirate Taxi is conveniently located to service Centre Island goers with the fastest ride over with the least amount of wait-time. We are proud to say we are the closest water taxi service to Centre Island from the City.

Hanlan's Point

The most westerly of the three main islands. Home to several unique attractions and filled with history. It was once home to Hanlan’s Point Stadium for the minor league Toronto Maple Leafs baseball club. Much like the other islands, it was once home to many Islanders that once used to live on this part of the the Island. It is now a popular destination for beach goers and boaters that moor it’s walls. We are proud to say we are the closest water taxi service to Hanlan’s Point from the City as well.