Destinations - Centre Island

Centerville Amusement Park

Centreville Amusement park is a children’s amusement park that is open daily throughout the summer for the entire family to enjoy. There is no admission fee for the park however, you will need to purchase a season’s pass or ride tickets to enjoy the various different rides and activities. The park attractions include a carousel, log flume, a ferris wheel, a miniature roller coaster, pleasure swan boats, bumper boats, tea cups, swing boat, drop ride, miniature fire engines and more. For those who are not interested in amusement park rides, take a stroll down to the far

Rent a Bike or a Kayak/Canoe

Lose yourself in the beautiful parklands of Centre Island. Rent a bike, single, tandem or even a quad bicycle and get exploring. There are beautiful paths to ride from end to end through the entire island. If you prefer water, rent a kayak or a canoe and explore the island by water. Kayak through the lagoon and see the island from a different angle.

Carousel Cafe

The Carousel Café is a relaxing lakeside retreat located in the heart of Centre Island adjacent to Centreville Amusement Park. Whether you are looking for a leisurely lunch with friends or a quick meal with your family, the Carousel Café is your perfect island escape

Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co.

Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co. on Centre Island, beside the water taxi dock, boasts an outdoor patio that seats more than 500 guests and a combined seating capacity of 1000. In addition to serving the perfect patio lunch, also serves a wonderful BBQ dinner menu and fabulous desserts. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Toronto Skyline while having a drink at the Patio. Time will fade away as you watch planes taking off and landing at Bill Bishop Airport.

Picnic on the Parklands

Centre Island is filled with large grassy areas that are ideal for picnics and BBQ. Some areas have barbecue stations, just bring your own charcoal.